Percutaneous cervical stabilization using the WSH Cervical B-Twin

Won-Chul Choi, Sang-Ho Lee, Yong Ahn, Seungcheol Lee, Byung Kwan Choi, Song-Woo Shin

Pages: 082-087
0 1675

Thoracoscopic discectomy for herniated thoracic discs

Sang-Hyeop Jeon, Sang-Ho Lee, Song-Woo Shin

Pages: 096-101
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Changes in facets and adjacent discs following lumbar artificial disc replacement arthroplasty

Soo-Taek Lim, Won-Joong Kim, Sang-Ho Lee, Sang-Hyuck Min, Byungjoo Jung

Pages: 118-124
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Percutaneous translaminar facet pedicle screw fixation following anterior lumbar interbody fusion

Chan Shik Shim, Sang-Ho Lee, Byungjoo Jung, Sun-Hee Park, Song-Woo Shin

Pages: 125-132
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Computer-assisted anterior reconstruction surgery for a thoracolumbar fracture: a case report

Ho-Yeon Lee, Sang-Ho Lee, Sang-Ki Chung, Song-Woo Shin, Sang-Rak Lim, Richard Kaul

Pages: 153-157
0 1541