Clinical, radiological and patient-reported outcomes in intra-articular calcaneal fractures: Comparison of conservative and surgical treatment

Ahmet Aslan, Serdar Sargın, Anıl Gülcü, Mehmet Nuri Konya

Issue: 2019, Volume 30 - Issue 2 Pages: 143-148 DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2019.66447
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Basic principles of fracture treatment in children

Hakan Ömeroğlu

Issue: 2018, Volume 29 - Issue 1 Pages: 052-057 DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2018.58165
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Intraobserver and interobserver reliability assessment of tibial plateau fracture classification systems

Anıl Taşkesen, İsmail Demirkale, Mustafa Caner Okkaoğlu, Mahmut Özdemir, Mustafa Gökhan Bilgili, Murat Altay

Issue: 2017, Volume 28 - Issue 3 Pages: 177-181 DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2017.56816
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Do radiographic and functional results correlate after fixation of Schatzker V-VI tibial plateau fractures?

Kenneth A. Egol, Monet France, Nirmal C. Tejwani, Toni McLaurin, Kenneth J. Koval

Issue: 2007, Volume 18 - Issue 2 Pages: 058-065
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The effect of syndesmotic screw removal or retention on functional results of patients with malleolar fractures

Emrah Kovalak, Fırat Seyfettinoğlu, Mert Tüzüner, Yalım Ateş

Issue: 2006, Volume 17 - Issue 3 Pages: 137-143
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Shoulder hemiarthroplasty for the treatment of three- and four-part fractures of the proximal humerus

Cem Esenyel Zeki, Kamil Çetiner, Ayhan Kara Nedim

Issue: 2005, Volume 16 - Issue 1 Pages: 005-011
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Long-term results of total hip arthroplasty in developmental dysplasia of hip patients

Nazmi Bülent Alp, Gökhan Akdağ, Fahri Erdoğan

Issue: 2020, Volume 31 - Issue 2 Pages: 298-305 DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2020.74412
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Comparison of tension band wiring and plate fixation in Mayo type 2A olecranon fractures

Ceyhun Çağlar, Serhat Akçaalan, Halil İbrahim Özaslan, Hilal Yağar, Mahmut Uğurlu

Issue: 2021, Volume 32 - Issue 1 Pages: 085-092 DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2021.75812
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A different option in vascular bone grafts in the hand and wrist region: Use of a dorsoulnar artery-based osteo-fascio-cutaneous flap: A case series

Osman Orman, Fikret Eren, Ahmet Duran Kara, Ceyhun Cesur, Cengiz Yıldırım, Bilge Kağan Aysal

Issue: 2021, Volume 32 - Issue 2 Pages: 504-513 DOI: 10.52312/jdrs.2021.79298
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