Effect of Ankaferd blood stopper® on tendon healing: an experimental study in a rat model of Achilles tendon injury

Bahattin Kerem Aydın, Egemen Altan, Mehmet Ali Acar, Ömer Faruk Erkoçak, Serdar Ugraş

Issue: 2015, Volume 26 - Issue 1 Pages: 031-037 DOI: 10.5606/ehc.2015.08
0 1589

The value of preoperative haemoglobin level as an indicator of blood loss in total hip arthroplasty: results of a multicentre pilot and prospective study

NR Chenthil Kumar, Mohammad Maqsood, G Kumar Reddy, Elmoez M H Obeid, Anele O Ebizie

Issue: 2005, Volume 16 - Issue 1 Pages: 012-015
0 638

The Role of External Fixation for The Treatment of The Pelvic Injuries: Indications And Current Concepts

Mehmet ARAZI, Abdurrahman KUTLU

Issue: 2000, Volume 11 - Issue 1 Pages: 104-110
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