M Ömer ARPACIOĞLU, Osman RODOP, İbrahim AKMAZ, Ahmet KIRAL, Basri ÖGE

GATA Haydarpaşa Eğitim Hastanesi Ortopedi ve Travmatoloji Servisi, İstanbul

Keywords: Tibial Fractures, Interlocking Nailing.


Introduction: Between July 1997-May 2001, 36 adult patients with tibial fractures were operated with locked intramedullary nailing.
Patients and methods: 29 (80.5%) of them were closed fractures and 7 (19.5%) were open fractures. Closed nailing was applied to 27 (75%) patients, while open nailing was applied to 9 (25%) patients. We applied unreamed nailing in 17 (47.2%) patients and reamed nailing in 19 (52.8%) patients. Mean follow-up period was 38 (min: 16, and max: 72) weeks.
Results: We obtained complete union in 34 patients whose follow-up period was completed. Average time of union was 17.1 (min: 12, and max: 24) weeks. Mean union period was 19 weeks in the open nailed group and 15 weeks in the closed nailed group. There was one 5º valgus deformity, one 0.5cm. shortening, one ankle limitation, one deep infection and one delayed union.
Conclusion: Primary locked intramedullary nailing, with minimal complications and high union rates, is more successful treatment method in appropriate open and closed tibial fractures when compared with other treatment methods.