Keywords: Septic Arthritis.


The aim of this study was to evaluate various treatment approaches for children with septic arthritis of the hip that may cause serious complications. For this purpose, 22 cases (14 boys, 8 girl) with septic arthritis were reviewed. The mean age of the study group was 27.4 (min. 3 - max. 85) month. The cases were first evaluated according to the clinical and laboratory flndings and the characteristics of aspiration fluids from hip joint. In 9 cases, only medical treatment was applied. Emergency and elective surgical drainage treatment were applied in 6 and 7 cases respectively. Average follow-up was 16.4 months 54.5 of the patients were considered as having food, 18.2% as satisfactory and 27.3% as bad. In conclusion, septic arthritis of the hip in children is an emergency. Regardless of the etiological pathogens, an apropriate antibiotic should be chosen and an immediate treatment should be initiated. In cases where the aspiration fluid is purulent, surgical approach should be preferred. In cases where aspiration fluid is non-purulent, a conservative approach seems as the best treatment regimen. In all cases, immobilization the hip joint should be immobilized by a traction system.