Mehmet SUBASI, Kubilay KARALEZLI, Yalim ATES, Yusuf ASIK, Osman Gazi AKSOY, Hasan YILDIRIM

2 nd. Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology Ankara State Hospital Cebeci, Turkey

Keywords: Supracondylar Humeral Fracture.


Thirty-six fractures of the supracondylar humerus in 35 patients were operatively treated and followed-up in the Health Ministry Ankara Hospital 2nd Orthopedic clinic. Fractures were closed in all but 2 cases with flexion type fracture in 2 (6%) and extension in 34 (94%). When classified according to Gartland we have seen 1 Grade I, 16 Grade II, 19 Grade III fractures. Two patients had Radial nerve palsy at admission that resolved after operative treatment. All Gartland Grade II and III cases were operated through a posterlor incision with open reduction and fixation with K-wires. The patients were evaluated according to Innocenti Criteria at last follow up (average 15 months) which showed 5 perfect, 25 good and 5 fair results. Perfect results did not have limitation in the range of motion (ROM), carrying angle loss or neurologic deficit. 11 cases with 10 degree of loss in ROM and 15 degree loss of ROM in 14 cases accounted for the good resulted group. We think that the use of posterior incision in these fractures does not result in increased complications.