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Keywords: Anterior Cruciate Ligament, Cyst, Arthroscopy, MRG.


To evaluate the symptoms, signs and treatment of a patient with a cyst of the anterior cruciate ligament, which is extremely rare pathology. A twenty-seven years old woman complained about pain in the left knee in long standing and limping for 6 months. She had no history of trauma. There was not any pathology other than pain in active and passive flexion of the left knee. She underwent direct X-ray and MRG investigations. There was no pathological finding in direct roentgenograms. There was a cyst on the anterior cruciate ligament in several sections of MRG. All the other anatomic structures were normal. The cyst was excised by arthroscopic debridation and needle aspiration through arthroscopy. The cyst was simple cyst according to pathological exam. Patient became symptom free. MRG examination is most important method in investigation of the cyst of the anterior cruciate ligament, and arthroscopy is the way of treatment.