Nizamettin Koçkara1, Hakan Sofu1, Ahmet Issin1, Mehmet Çetinkaya2, Mahir Tayfur3, Bahadır Süleyman4

1Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Medical Faculty of Erzincan University, Erzincan, Turkey
2Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Mengücekgazi Training and Research Hospital, Erzincan, Turkey
3Department of Pathology, Medical Faculty of Erzincan University, Erzincan, Turkey
4Department of Pharmacology, Medical Faculty of Erzincan University, Erzincan, Turkey

Keywords: Fracture healing; pharmaceutical preparations; pregabalin; rat model.


Objectives: This study aims to assess the radiographic, histological, and biomechanical effects of pregabalin on fracture healing in a rat model of femur fracture. Materials and methods: A total of 32 female Wistar- Albino rats (mean age 12±1 weeks; mean body weight 236±12 grams) were randomized into four groups with eight rats in each group. Groups A and B were the control groups whereas C and D were the treatment groups. Drugs were delivered by oral gavage. Radiographic, histological and biomechanical evaluations were performed after sacrificing the rats in groups A and C on 15th postoperative day and the rats in groups B and D on 30th postoperative day.
Results: Although radiographic results were better in groups A and B than groups C and D at the end of 15th day, no significant difference was detected at the end of 30th day. No statistically significant differences were observed between the groups on 15th a nd 3 0th days in terms of histological or biomechanical evaluation.
Conclusion: Administration of pregabalin did not affect fracture healing process adversely in rats.