H Baski TURGUT, Afitap ANIL, Tuncay V PEKER, Suat C ULUKENT

Keywords: Long Second Toe.


In this study, incidence of the long second toe among the university students aged 17-25 was examined. In male students, the percentage of long second toe in 155 right foot was 9.03%, and the percentage in 154 left foot was 11.03% (17); while in female students the percentage of long second toe in 150 right foot as 6.66% and the percentage in 150 left foot was 8.00%. The different sizes of second toe in right and left foot of male students were not important from the statistical point of view. Same thing applies to the female students. Second toe in male was longer than the second toe of female students. The length differences of second toes between males and females were at the level of p < 0.01.