Ahmet KAYA, Hasan OZTURK, Rifki US, Taskin ALTAY

1st Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology Tepecik Social Security Hospital Istanbul, Turkey

Keywords: Patellar Fractures. Operative Treatment.


Between 1990-1996, 76 of them who admitted 1st Department of Orthopaedics of SSK Tepecik Hospital with patellar fracture were treated operatively. We evaluated 24 patients for this study whose final examination could be done. We performed butterfly cerclage (Modified Bosworth operation), a method of modified tension band, to the 15 of patients (62.5%). Of the other patients, one of them was treated by Standard Modified Tension Band method of AO group, 3 of them cerclaged by Martin technique and 2 of them cerclaged by Magnuson technique. We performed excision of fragment to one of them and total patellectomy to two of them who had comminitive fracture. One of these comminitive fractures has had Type III open wounds. According to the Lysholm 1 and Patellofemoral Rating systems we accepted excellent results at ten patients (41.7%), good results at 8 patients (33.3%), fair results at 3 patients (12.5%) and poor results at 3 patients (12.5%).