1st Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology Ankara State Hospital Cebeci, Ankara, Turkey

Keywords: Collum Femoris Fracture, Open Reduction, Internal Fixation, AO Cancellous Screw


Surgical intervention is the widely accepted management in the treatment of collum femoris fractures. There are several methods of fracture fixation in the young age group. The purpose of this study is to research the relationship between surgical timing, and complications and success rate in cases treated with open reduction and internal fixation. We had 28 cases whose collum femoris fractures treated with open reduction and AO cancellous screws. Mean follow-up was 48 months (not less then 16 months) and mean age was 35.3 years. According to Garden's Classitication distribution of fractures was as follows: Type-I: 2 cases, Type-II: 4 cases, Type-III 11 cases and Type-IV: 11 cases. Twenty-one cases were evaluated as sucessful with respect to the hip joint functions. There were avascular necrosis and nonunion in 4 cases. Avascular necrosis was without nonunion in 2 cases and nonunion was without avascular necrosis in 1 case. We haven't been able to create a relation between fracture types and surgical timing, and avascular necrosis and/or nonunion. On the other hand, we can say that fixation with AO cancellous screws is not only practical but also cheap and successful.