Tuncay V PEKER, Afitap ANIL, S Celal ULUKENT, H Basri TURGUT

Department of Anatomy Gazi University Medical School Ankara, Turkey

Keywords: Foot Types, Foot Length, Foot Breadth, Ball Girth, Ankle Circumference, Calf Circumference, Toe Lengths.


In this study, the means of heights and weights and also the relationship between the foot types, height, weight and leg measurements in 756 primary school children belonging to 6-12 age group were investigated. When the two sexes were compared in respect to age groups for their mean height and weight, the difference between the means of weights is signiticant (PT2) (95.2% in males, 94.3% in females) and Egyptian type was followed by square and Greek types. For the measurements of each 3 foot types, by the variance analysis, the difference between the means of the right and left calf circumferences (CC) and weight in males; the difference between the right T1 and right and left ball girth means in females were found to be significant statistically. Duncan test has shown that in each three foot types, the difference of the right and left CC means was greater than the difference in Square and Greek foot types in males. The difference between the means of right and left ball girths was greater in Egyptian type of foot compared to other foot types in females.