Gölcük Deniz Hastanesi Ortopedi ve Travmatoloji Kliniği

Keywords: Glenohumeral Instability, Bankart Repair.


Purpose: To determine the effectiveness of open Bankart repair and capsular shift procedure in patients who have recurrent traumatic anterior glenohumeral instability.
Patients and methods: Fourteen young adult patients with recurrent traumatic anterior glenohumeral instability, underwent open repair of Bankart lesion with absorbable suture anchors and capsular shift operation. The decision to select the operative technique was based on the findings of computerized tomography scan with intra-articular contrast medium, examination under anesthesia, and findings at the time of arthroscopy. Patients with Bankart lesion and major capsular laxity were selected for open stabilization surgery. All of the patients were men and their average age was 22 years. The mean duration from the initial dislocation to the time of surgery was 26 months and in this range of time the mean count of dislocation was 6 times.
Results: After an average follow-up period of 13 months, there was no recurrence. One patient (7%) with the findings of positive apprehension test and capsulolabral defect on the computerized tomography scan, was accepted as surgical failure. The mean external rotation limitation with the shoulder in 90° of abduction measured as 6°. According to the Rowe rating system the mean score was 86 points. Based on the score, treatment results were classified as good and excellent: 12 patients (86%), fair: 2 patients (14%).
Conclusion: According to short term results, patients who have Bankart lesion and major capsular laxity are good candidates for open Bankart repair and capsular shift operation.