Faiz Rasul HASHMI1, Raj CHATTERJEE2, Steuart BROOKS3

1FRCS, Research Fellow Orthopaedics
2FRCS, Registrar Trauma & Orthop
3FRCS, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Keywords: Arthroscopy; Mobile Bearing; Total Knee Arthroplasty.


Introduction: Diagnostic and therapeutic role of arthroscopy in the treatment of fixed bearing total knee replacements is well documented. We report our experience with arthroscopy in symptomatic mobile bearing knees. Material and
Method: Between April 1995 and March 1999, 23 mobile bearing total knee replacements presented with unresolved symptoms. Arthroscopy was offered to the patients and the procedure undertaken after all the conventional noninvasive measures failed to resolve the symptoms.
Results: A definitive cause of symptoms was found in 21 out of 23 patients (success rate of 91.3%).
Discussion: Arthroscopy for symptomatic mobile bearing total knee replacements is a safe procedure which can be used both as a diagnostic as well as a therapeutic tool.