Jong Yun Choi, Young Jae Choi, Sung No Jung, Bommie Florence Seo

Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, The Catholic University of Korea, Uijeongbu, South Korea

Keywords: Finger, lipoma, microsurgery, swimmer.


Lipoma is a very common benign tumor that occurs in areas of adipose tissue and is commonly found on the whole body, although its occurrence in the hand and finger is rare. Giant lipoma, defined as over 5 cm long in diameter, is a rare benign tumor of abundant soft tissue in the finger. A 24-year-old male patient presented with a giant lipoma on the volar aspect of the index finger of his right hand. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed an encased multilobulated mass that measured 7.1x1.2x2.3 cm, and histopathological examination revealed lipoma without malignant transformation. Surgical resection of the tumor with a longitudinal and zig-zag incision of the palm was performed exposing the mass surrounding the palmar digital branch of the median nerve. The mass was completely removed, and neurorrhaphy was performed via the microscope to repair the damaged neurovascular bundle. At four months of postoperative follow-up, the patient was completely recovered with no finger paresthesia or limitation of range of motion. As a professional swimmer, the patient has experienced no subsequent difficulty in swimming due to his finger.

Citation: Choi JY, Choi YJ, Jung SN, Seo BF. Giant lipoma in the index finger of the dominant hand of a swimmer: A case report. Jt Dis Relat Surg 2023;34(2):469-473. doi: 10.52312/jdrs.2023.907.

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Idea/concept, control/supervision: B.F.S.; Design, writing the article, references and fundings: J.Y.C.; Data collection and/or processing, analysis and/or interpretation, materials: Y.J.C.; Literature review, critical review: S.N.J.

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