Ronny Lopes1, Teodor Negru1, Alexandre Hardy2, Hasan Basri Sezer2

1Health Atlantic, Chirurgie Du Sport, Saint Herblain, France
2Clinique Du Sport Paris, Chirurgie Du Sport, Paris, France

Keywords: Ankle arthroscopy, distal tibial, osteochondral autograft, osteochondral lesion, plafond, 3D fluoroscopy.


Graft failures of the tibial plafond are very rare. This article presents the technique of precise antegrade osteochondral auto-grafting under three-dimensional (3D) fluoroscopy. A 20-year-old athletic patient with a recurrent osteochondral lesion of the tibial plafond on a first osteochondral autograft after two years of follow-up was admitted. The revision osteochondral autograft was performed under real-time perioperative arthroscopic and 3D fluoroscopic control for greater precision. Surgery was followed by six weeks of non-weight-bearing in a walking boot. At one-year follow-up, the patient was effusion and pain free and returned to his previous activity level completely. Revision osteochondral autografting under arthroscopic and 3D fluoroscopic control seems to be an effective therapeutic option.

Citation: Lopes R, Negru T, Hardy A, Sezer HB. Arthroscopic revision of osteochondral autograft in distal tibia: A case report demonstrating precision of intraoperative 3D fluoroscopy. Jt Dis Relat Surg 2022;33(1):238-244.

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