Birol GULMAN, Mevlut CIRAY, Sancar BARIS


The purpose of this experimental study is to investigate the patellar tendon (PT) grafts using anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction; morphologically, biomechanically and histologically in the intraarticular region and the point of insertion to the bone. 24 rabbits were used in two groups. At the beginning of study, ACL was cut in each group and after 6 weeks the knee joints were investigated morphologically and ACL reconstructions were performed by PT 1/3 medial graft in group 1 and bone-PT-bone free graft in group 2. 12 weeks after reconstruction, anterior unstabilizations were diminished morphologically in both of the groups. In biomechanical evaluation, the mechanical strenght of the grafts were 61.4% in group 1 and 44.7% in group 2 compared with the normal ACL strength. Group 1 grafts were more succesfull in short-time follow up. All grafts transformed to normal ACL histologically at the intraarticular region, insertion points and in the osseous tunnels. The histological transformation in osseous tunnels were more succesful in group 2, especially in the intraarticular region.