History of TJDF
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• Raising awareness of the burden of joint diseases & injuries
• Increasing knowledge of the suffering and costs of joint diseases & injuries
• Improving access to cost-effective prevention and treatment
• Increasing research into joint diseases & injuries, prevention and treatment
Editor-in-chief have full authority over the entire editorial content of the Journal and the timing of publication of that content. Journal owners do not interfere in the evaluation, selection, scheduling, or editing of individual articles either directly or by creating an environment that strongly influences decisions. Editors do base editorial decisions on the validity of the work and its importance to the Journal’s readers, not on the commercial implications for the Journal, and editors are free to express critical but responsible views about all aspects of medicine without fear of retribution, even if these views conflict with the commercial goals of the publisher. We are a nonprofit organization since 1990.
All investigators should ensure that the planning conduct and reporting of human research are in accordance with the Helsinki Declaration as revised in 2013. All authors should seek approval to conduct research from an independent local, regional or national review body (e.g., ethics committee, institutional review board). We will act in accordance with COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) guidelines if an ethical misconduct is suspected.